Interview - John Edwards: "I was lucky I had my eye out for the Green"

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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With a final-lap pass John Edwards claimed victory for Rowe Racing in the first race of the VLN season at the historic Nurburgring.

“We ran a good race and I think we were on par to be second and third”, John Edwards says after the race.

"I was behind the Porsche on the last lap but got quite lucky with a Code 60 changing to green just as we were passing it. I think Patrick didn’t see the flag because it did happen just as we were passing it. I just saw it perpendicular to my car as they switched to the green flag. I immediately released the pit speed limiter and was able to get around him and a couple of other cars that were traffic ahead of him.  I was lucky I had my eye out for the green and that got us the extra spot for the win.”

 “… strategy definitely brought us up from where we were in the beginning of the race, that brought us onto the podium. And then we were just within a shot of the win and obviously with this situation with the Code 60 we were able to pull it off. It’s very satisfying and I can go home happy.”