Edwards, Mostert, & Krohn joined by the great Zanardi for Daytona 24

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Alex Zanardi:  “So last year at the beginning of the season actually, Jens Marquardt came to me and said, ‘Alex, you know we’re developing this new car, the new M8. We may have the possibility to get you into one of our team for a 24-hour [race], okay? It’s probably now too early to say this but if ever you have the opportunity would you prefer to compete in Daytona or Le Mans?  

“He probably thought, with me being European, that I would answer with no doubt answer with Le Mans. And I answer instead, with no doubt, Daytona. All the way. All the way.

Well, first let me tell you that I felt very welcomed by BMW Team RLL. It’s great to be part of such a great and professional organisation. And I have to say that initially when I arrived, I was pretty impressed by the size of the facility. It really looks like the kingdom of motorsports here and it was quite intimidating. Of course I am here to serve BMW, but I am also here to enjoy myself and that’s definitely the case. And in doing the job to the best of my ability I can certainly achieve both things.”